• Spirituality and Hospitality Meet on Greece’s Mount Athos Peninsula

    It’s really unfortunate more people don’t know about the Mount Athos peninsula in Northeast Greece. Even most of the locals I spoke with in Athens didn’t know where Mount Athos was and hadn’t heard of Ouranoupoli, Greece. But when you Read More
  • What’s New in Nashville

    Nashville is a city in the midst of immense change. Over the past few years, the southern town has experienced such intense growth that it hit No. 20 on Forbes list of the fastest growing American cities in 2015. It Read More
  • Serene Sailing: Mediterranean Island Hopping

    Emerging on deck after an uninterrupted night’s sleep, the warm sea breeze stroked my sun-darkened skin and my bleary eyes slowly focused in the soft, early-morning sunlight. Our handsome Turkish gulet was anchored in a small cove of azure-blue water, Read More
  • Curious Encounters Along German Timber-Frame Road

    There are dozens of cities and little towns along Germany’s so-called Deutsche Fachwerkstraße (German Timber-Frame Road), a tourist route showcasing the traditional historical architecture developed in the 13th to 19th centuries. The Baden-Württemberg part of the road is especially picturesque, Read More
  • Peru in Six Days

    “You’re going all the way to Peru for only six days?” asked my less travel-mad friends. Well, yeah, Peru’s a fascinating country, and I’d have loved to go for a couple of weeks, but I wasn’t passing up the trip Read More
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