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Jetset Extra


Jetset Extra is a multimedia travel source that aims to inspire travelers of all levels to embrace and explore the world. Our writers, known as "Insiders," hail from around the globe and share their unique perspectives about the destinations they travel to and the cities they live in. Whether it’s finding the spirit of the people or the current trends in dining, shopping, events, and entertainment, our Insiders are passionate about sharing their experiences and love of travel.

What does it meant to "jet set"? We believe that, although once defined as travel for the elite and privileged, the term no longer has an elitist connotation. We feel that anyone can be a jet setter regardless of whether they are traveling on a budget or looking for luxury. With content suited for adventurers from all walks of life, our vast and comprehensive coverage of worldwide destinations makes travel a reality for everyone.

Jetset Extra combines top-notch video and photography with entertaining and engaging narratives about travel technology, international cuisine, glamorous cultural events, luxury amenities, adventurous outings, family getaways, celebrity interviews, lifestyle advice, and worldwide news & deals. We strive to bring our readers not only the best in global travel recommendations but also personal insights about how to fulfill them. For those who seek a unique adventurous, cultural, or luxurious travel experience, there is always something new to explore with Jetset Extra.