Shopping and Adventure Sports in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Audi sled at the Olympic bob run

Audi sled at the Olympic bob run

When Jason and I visited St. Moritz, Switzerland, we were anticipating super high-end, luxury experiences, and that is exactly what we found: shopping on the Via Serlas with old friends such as Gucci, Chanel, Rolex, and Hermes. Alongside the shopping extravaganza are the local specialty shops, such as confectionaries at Hauser and Hanselmann, where Jason and I got our first taste of the celebrated Engadin walnut cake. It was so good we bought more to bring home as gifts. It is suggested to just stroll the street and enjoy all the wonderful surprises around each corner.

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Confiserie Hanselmann where we tasted the Engadin walnut cake

On the lake are many winter season sporting events for visitors to enjoy including a thoroughbred horse race on the ice, curling, polo tournaments on ice, and, the most anticipated, the Grand National on the Cresta Run.

The famous Cresta Run where toboggan racers race every year in the Grand National

At the end of the main road through town lives the winter experience of a lifetime. Get your best friend and hit the ice on the bobsled course at the Olympic Bob Run. At speeds of more than 70 kilometers per hour, flying through the ice course in an Audi sled will get your adrenaline pumping and give you a story like no other to go home with. The season starts in November and ends late March. Unfortunately we were too late to try it so it will have to go on our bucket list for now.

Wishing the Olympia Bob Run was open for business

As I am not much of a skier, I asked what St. Moritz offers in the way of snow activities for the non-skier. Much to my delight, high above the valley of St. Moritz sits Muottas Muragl and a darling boutique hotel called Hotel Romantik. We rode the funicular tram up from the valley, where the skies opened up and gave us an unprecedented view. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed a coffee while viewing a spectacular sunset. This area is completely shut off to skiers and snowboarders, but guests are invited to snowshoe, snow hike, sled, or play outside.

Hotel Romantik viewing terrace over St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz is also the land of gastronomic delights. Specialties such as walnut cake and venison sausages are abundant, but every year St. Moritz hosts the Gourmet Festival, where the culinary world’s elite joins together to create foodie magic.

There is obviously more than one reason to head back to St. Moritz, as Jason and I were not able to experience everything we learned about. I am sure it won’t be long before we return.