Getting Fit at Physique 57

Physique 57’s cardio classes are designed to rev up heart rates while strengthening and toning muscles

Physique 57’s cardio classes are designed to rev up heart rates while strengthening and toning muscles

I know what a tough workout feels like. An athlete all the way through college, I have spent countless hours working on strength and cardio. Still, I was not prepared for the wonderful intensity that is a Physique 57 Intro to Cardio class.

I was invited to take the class as part of a media day at Physique 57’s Beverly Hills location. Taught by Tanya Becker, Physique 57’s co-founder, the special event featured 57-minutes of fat-blasting cardio designed to rev up heart rates while strengthening, lengthening, and toning muscles. I, along with about 20 other women, followed Tanya as she led us through multiple, high-intensity intervals that worked our arms, legs, abs, and muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Butt officially kicked … and it felt great.

Abdominal work using a ballet barre, bands, and other props is often included in a Physique 57 class

The truth is, with a full-time office job I have a tough time getting to the gym as often as I’d like. And with Los Angeles’ fabulous boutiques (many of which are located just two streets east of the studio on Rodeo Drive), beaches (Santa Monica is less than 10 miles to the west), and abundance of delicious dishes and drinks at restaurants, bars, and bakeries all over the city, there are myriad reasons to keep “calorie burning” on the agenda. It’s a good thing Physique 57’s cardio class is designed to burn up to 700 calories.

And it’s not just LA residents that can benefit from the studio’s intense yet rewarding classes: Visitors to the city can sign up for a class (or two) if they feel in need of some extra exercise before unveiling that bikini bod.

The cardio class is just one of several options on the Physique 57 schedule. The Beverly Hills studio offers its Signature Class in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as a mixed class where attendees can tailor the workout to their own fitness levels. The recently launched Physique Stretch is a 30-minute class designed to complement the signature classes with moves that help elongate muscles.

Barre work is used in Physique 57 classes

Physique 57 originated in New York City (on 57th Street) and has additional locations in Bridgehampton, in Soho on Spring Street, and on the Upper West Side on West 73rd. Classes including Physique Express, Physique Yoga, Physique Prenatal/Postnatal, Mat 57, and “ARMed & fAB in 30” are offered at these locations in addition to the cardio and Signature sessions. Fans of the studio can also access online, pay-as-you-watch classes, fitting in an intense workout in their living room, hotel room, or wherever they go.