Old Edna Demands Your Present Awareness

Entrance to Old Edna and Suite Edna

Entrance to Old Edna and Suite Edna

Within the rolling hills near San Luis Obispo lie the Old Edna Townsite, the Suite Edna Guest House, and the DeSolina House. When entering one of the cottages, properly named the DeSolina House, my to-do list drifted away and I became present. The two-acre, 100-year-old townsite was a drop of much-needed calmness and serenity.

Alma’s Room Cottage

Sextant Wines, a deli, and other cottages with names and nostalgia that were unique and quaint surrounded my cottage. A stroll through the grounds, passing vineyards and taking in the fresh air and the sound of the creek in the distance as the sun set at the horizon, balanced out a perfect evening.

Sextant Wines vineyards

The DeSolina House is an 1897 studio/cottage rental with every detail designed for pure relaxation; it is a piece of heaven. The queen-size bed flanked by rustic columns opens to the kitchen, and the lounge area beaconed for my attention. I listened to relaxing instrumental music left in the room.

The queen-size bed at the DeSolina House opens to the kitchen and lounge area

A view of the guest room at the DeSolina House

The DeSolina House kitchen

My stroll through Old Edna with lovely owner Pattea Torrence, self-proclaimed mayor of her town, was as inspiring as she was informative. We shared a glass of Sextant’s Santa Lucia Chardonnay as we discussed life and how this very luscious town was abandoned for 20 years before it was revived. I returned to the cottage with fresh herbs from the mayor’s garden for a grill session on the DeSolina House’s front deck. It was so pleasant to sit outside and enjoy the pure extract from all of the elements.

Owner Pattea Torrance and photo producer Eisen Laucik pose in front of the vineyards

Fresh picked herbs from the garden

I enjoyed a soaking tub in the 100-square-foot bathroom suite, which offered full amenities that were delicate and invigorating. Towels left with jasmine soap helped to relieve my stress.

A soaking tub in the 100-square-foot bathroom suite

Towel service in the bathroom suite

The next morning I photographed the early light hitting the beautiful town of Edna. The sound of chickens and a railroad train reminded me of growing up in Louisiana.

We were encouraged to feed the goats from our grilled vegetable leftovers. Larry, Tilley, and Millie were so handsome and ready to serve. Guests also have the option to pick fresh-laid eggs.

The Pairing Knife gourmet deli

The Historic Tin Building is home to the Sextant Wines tasting room and the Pairing Knife gourmet deli. A choice of food by chef Jesse Rivas is all you need to enjoy the grounds and the quaint rental homes that have been lovingly restored to their original state.

Thank you, Pattea, for the warm welcome and pleasant slice of heaven—and being a dog-friendly property. Although my little pooch Lilly wasn’t allowed in the cottages, she was welcome to stroll the grounds.

Your spirit and life will be enlightened and recharged with a stay in Old Edna. Complete escapism is the operative phrase here.